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No old electronic devices should end up in landfill. Laptop recycling is a specialist task, and ensures that none (or very little) of old laptops ends up being placed into a landfill. There are some specialist companies that offer this service, and have the correct licenses and registrations to be able to do so.

One such company is Weee Compliance and they operate throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey in the south east UK.

Computer Recycling

Along the same lines as the laptop recycling, computers can also be reused or recycled. This includes many office PCs and servers, as well as home systems.

Like laptops, computers can be parted out, or stripped and recycled.

With computers, the monitors can also be stripped, and the screens can be recycled. Older style monitors can be pulled apart, and are a good source of copper, with the glass tube being sent away for further processing.

Laptop Recycling

When your laptops have reached the end of their days, and need to be replaced, the old ones should never be thrown in the bin. They still (normally) have many parts that still work, or can be recycled.

For example, if the laptop still powers on, and can be used, then it can either be upgraded and sold / used by a charity or split for parts. This would include the screen, keyboard, ram, battery and disc drive.

Where as, if the laptop no longer works, or has been immersed into water, it can be stripped and recycled. Many of the parts can be grouped together into items such as motors, cables, circuit boards, plastic and metal. These individual waste streams can then be taken away and reused.

If you have any old IT equipment that needs to be recycled, and you're in Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Ashford, Folkestone, Margate or Tonbridge, then try Weee Compliance. They offer free collection if you have over a certain amount, and can provide full tracking and data destruction.